Thursday, February 23, 2012

[Everyday English] Sleepy day

Today, I start new day at half past six and go to bed at half past one.
Wake up, that I can handle. Get up, that I hate. I get up very slowly, one foot on floor. I always set up phone alarm with many many times. So, you can easily see problem for this day.
Yes, I am not going late. But I feel sleepy during the day. It's not good for work. I haven't enough wise to coding. So, I make many many bugs and cannot smoothly solve it.
Coffee cannot help me, I drink it much. I am listening music and English, it's maybe good for me to go to sleep in.
I think, after work, I will early sleep to night. But now I am right here with tired. Try by my best to write everything I don't understand :))
Don't know how to start, then I start, I don't how  to end.

English, who are you? I will  find you, I will get you. I will not stop, I never give up. Believe me, I am doing it everyday. I am hurry, but I am not hurry. The day will come, and I can use English like I use mother language.

Today, I am continue reading with Power of Seven:
I am not complete it. But I see many many good things from it. Take my thanks.

Tomorrow, I have an pasty with my friend, I have some surprise with a person. He was very lazy to study in my class. What do you guess something I want to talk :) No, it don't like you guess :D He become very bad guy. He always think about money money, play computer game most of time and no plan for future. No one can good without study!

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