Thursday, December 1, 2011

[.NET] C# Windows Form Application training cource

    These are videos Csharp .NET Windows Form Application programming tutorial, I made for ITC programming (Information Technology Club) in my university. A most of them talking by Vietnamese. If you begin study C#, welcome to enjoy it :D

Day 1: Introduction about how to use Visual Studio 2010 for create new project, drag drop control from toolbox and change properties of control: 
Part 1: 85.83MB
Part 2: 48.25MB

Day 2: Introduction events handle and how to use event argument
Introduction: 82.4MB
Know event: 27.22MB
Argument event: 37.84MB

Day 3: Catch Frog game. This is a small game for practice how to use event

Day 4: C# OOP overview and Simple Calculator
OOP: 46.33MB
Calculator: 73.51MB


Enjoy it!