Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am gifted, so are you!

    Yes, it's title of the book, I am reading.
    Today, I'm not talking about this book. I'm thinking about me with 16 years study. Time in school with many memories. I feel I'm really lucky and I know I can do more than I did.

    When I studied in primary school, I was mischievous boy. I don't know why I go to school. I always made my teacher hate me, the best thing I remember is when I went out of school then I explored new way to come back home. I and my friend were call "short ways". Do you know if we went in the common way, we spend 5 minutes to come home, but we always spend half hour or more. I think we are like a explorer, we have many issues on way such as: the way too narrow, we need over come a field, we need jump over ditch or sometime we lose the way. Yes, it always is good memories.

    I go to middle school in not easy. My parents are worry about me, because I learn too bad (not too bad like Adam Khoo :D) They take me to learn in an expensive school (because it's school made by a person). In short time I quickly get better. In here, I become a good boy, I don't play computer game like some friends. I didn't learn hard, but I like Math. I send many time to complete my exercise from teacher and advanced book. Now, I think it's my important period, I will difficult to study programming if I am not good Math. Thank to my teacher.

    I am very self-confident when I come to high school. OK, it's very bad because I don't know in out side, many pupils learn very well more than me. I like a frog on well (well I mean "a deep hole in the ground from which water, oil or gas can be obtained"). High school is a hard way for me. I was selected in a good class in high school, but I didn't learn well enough to satisfy expectation of my parents and teachers. Worry grow up inside me. I need to go to university. In this time, I know I like computer, I decisive to go to Bach Khoa university. It's not easy and my dream is not become true. And I come to NIEM university, this is a big change in my life.

    At the begin, I felt hopeless, but after graduate I didn't. Study in university is a long story. Nowaday, I am quite proud and happy because I choose right way to study in it.

    This story is end. That's all for today!

Blogger Code Formatter

     I am a junior blogger. I want to pose code programming language in my blog.So, after I find in, here is some ways to do it:
     It's very helpful to me. Hope it help to you! :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When I was a student, it's very far from me. Deeply on my mind, I know English is very important for me, for my job dream. I am too lazy to learn it. When I graduated from university, I am really worry about my English level. Many night I find the way to learn it. A day, everything changed when I met him, my English teacher. Maybe you think it's funny, I didn't learn English from him, I learnt dreams, plans and truly life. He change my view to English. It's simply, ENGLISH IS TOOL AND ONLY IS TOOL, it's what I want to get my goal.

After, I found some way to improve my English level. And I found a right think for everyone studing English.It's very important before you start. When I write it, you will feel suprised, even you think I am crazy. Anyway, you read it slow and think about it:

If you want to improve your English level, ok, don't LEARN English, don't STUDY English. The best way to you is USE English.

I promise to you, if you think English is a subject in school, you will never master it. No method can help you if your think don't change.
OK, make sure you understand my idea. In acticle I will show your some ways to get English from some researchers. It's good for me and It will good for you.

1. English under scientific view
- Mr Hung come from Vietnam. He master English and got success in work. You can find his videos. English will be in your hand. with keyword: 5 buoc de noi mot ngoai ngu

2. Effortless English learning system
- What is it? It is intelligent study English. I cannot describe better than you can see in:
You pay money for it, mean you pay money for success.I know many way easy to get Effortless English videos and audios in the internet, but I am worry about what easy to get is what easy to lose.
Before you study with it, remember you need to read all suggestion from Effortless, I promise it's very useful.

3. Funny way to study English
- Duncan, English tearch, found funny way to study English. English will become to you quick and easy. In Youtube search: duncan in England. You can find his videos lesson, hope fun!

OK, it is some materials to you, but it's not all. Now I will show you how I USE English. I think it will useful to you.
- Spent time in everyday for talk English with yourself in alone, for example: I always talk English when I travel to my company and when I come back home. Try to speak high voice (do not whisper), speak every words you can, everything you see around, such as: number plate of motor or car, count down number in tranffic light,...

- Write your plans or private diary daily. Daily plans write today and clear tomorrow, don't worry about English grammar. Private diary, only you can see and you can see your English improve everyday, don't worry about English grammar, free to write. You can write it on your computer, many tool help you correct it, you will get better in short time.

- Thinking by English. I think I will difficult to you, me too. I don't worry, you need only remember it and try to think by English always you can. After time, you will get it, you can do it better.

- Get friend with English, make English become your best friend. English and me, we are always together, we listen to music, watch the film, play a game... I think you understand what I mean :D

I think that all for me today. I hope English become your tool!

[.NET] Enum converter

Working with Enum will make your code become meaningful. This is some tips for you to control Enum and convert it between other types. Follow code:

1:  using System;  
2:  namespace EnumConverter  
3:  {  
4:    public enum Numbers  
5:    {  
6:      One = 1,  
7:      Two = 2,  
8:      Three = 3,  
9:      Four = 4,  
10:      Five = 5  
11:    }  
12:    internal class Program  
13:    {  
14:      private static void Main()  
15:      {  
16:        Console.WriteLine(" - From Enum to String is {0}", Numbers.One);  
17:        Console.WriteLine(" - From Enum to Int is {0}", (int)Numbers.One);  
18:        Console.WriteLine(" - From String of Enum to Enum is {0}", (Numbers)Enum.Parse(typeof(Numbers), "Two"));  
19:        Console.WriteLine(" - From Int of Enum to String of Enum is {0}", Enum.GetName(typeof(Numbers), 3));  
20:        Console.WriteLine(" - From Int of Enum to Enum is {0}", (Numbers)4);  
21:        Console.WriteLine(" - From String of Enum to Int of Enum is {0}", (int)Enum.Parse(typeof(Numbers), "Five"));  
22:        Console.WriteLine(" - Type of Enum is {0}", typeof(Numbers));  
23:        Console.ReadKey(true);  
24:      }  
25:    }  
26:  }  

Monday, November 28, 2011

The first in my blog

I am an ITer in long time, but I don't know why I don't like all kind of public site such as Social Network and Blog. Now, I am working on a software outsourcing company, sometime working long time front of computer, tired with many lines code, bug and fix.So, I want to share, share everything appear on my mind.
In this blog, I will share my plans, my opinions, my experience and little think about anything.

OK, about me, I am single man, live in Hanoi, Vietnamese. I live with my parent. I have just graduated from an Education Management university, major in Information Technology. I joint to FPT software JSC, it's the biggest software outsourcing company in Vietnam.

I am working with .NET technology. I really like it, everything about .NET and Microsoft come with me when the first time I knew computer.I have a big plan, that's become to expert in .NET software development in next some years.

I think that all for today.