Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Everyday English] Saturday, day of English

I don't know. What did I do on Saturday? I study English so much but I lazy to code. What right thing to do?
I only want to study one thing per period of time. No other, without something I must do. I am worry about it. How I can change it. How I can quickly think, quickly do. How can I improve my performances, my skills.
So, I will go out a few hours, I need to change up.

Today, I read in this website:
And watch video in this:
Day of English, enjoy with me.

You will be found many question and answer about English grammar with international view in here:
Some explanations are very helpful to me, I like it.

Do you want to watch video to study English and explore the world? Here is good choice:
But I think it not easy to hear and understand them :)

Good fun!

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