Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Everyday English] What am I studying?

Today, I read many page on EnglishClub website. This web site is very good and useful for study English.
In this website we can find many articles, documents about all English skill. Some days next, I will spend more time to read it.
Come with me:

I am early complete my task on company. Now, it's time for think about plan study to next a few days. Without working on my company, I need to develop 2 projects, one of them is litle project and another is a big project for me. 24 hours per days seem not enough for me, but think about it, sometime I feel lazy. Then I found a post on a blog, it can make me avoid lazy minute. It like a medicine for me It's in here:, try to read it, you can understand.

Review some English tutorials, documents and website I am following. It remind me to focus on study.
1. Effortless Training Course: it's big, recently I don't study it, I need spend time for it.
2. Speaking English like American: so good videos for pronunciation, I am doing it. OK, try to complete it soon.
4. Read website: EnglishClub I will complete in next a few days.
5. Listening website:, I listen litle with it, spend more time.
6. Listening everyday English: It's only on my company, I will try to here it everyday.

Look to the world!

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