Tuesday, July 3, 2012

English learning plan in July 2012

Get up early after a long sleep. Think about the pain in yesterday (I drink much and sleep little) and think about my English learning daily. To walk around with a big question in mind:

What will I do to learn English?
What do I need to focus in?

Compare with my big plan in study English, I need think about some real actions and identify what is the most important thing in this moment. My answers come:

 - Focus on pronunciation
 - Find an English speaker friend to speak and chat
 - Keep listening

So how. With pronunciation I will focus on 2 materials: American Accent Training and Rachel's English. I don't know what will better than those, but I choose this one to make me clearly in study. I have a month to do it, it's enough and I need moving everyday. I don't stop when I tired, I stop when I done.

Find an English friend. I have no idea to do that. Maybe I will ask to some friends. I hope I will see something better.

Keep listening, of course.

That's all for today. Long time I don't write English.

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