Monday, July 23, 2012

Effortless English and me

Hi, I am Hoang. Do you know Effortless English method? In my opinion, it's the most powerful method for students who want to improve English speaking and listening. So, why is it? I know, I know you will ask this question. Let's me tell you a story.
There is a Vietnamese student. He loves IT and he learns in an IT major. He totally knows how important English are, because English can help him using internet, study with English material, connect with other student in the world and apply English on his exercises. He can get a better job after he is graduated.
However, he was very bad English. He doesn't know any grammar, can't speak or listen any English. In his mind, English is very difficult. He doesn't believe he can learn English well. Terribly, many his friends are so shy in learn English. Sometime, they laugh him when he tries to learn it and make common mistakes. He comes to some English basic grammar class, but nothing change. No one tell him how to learn English right way or no way make he feel better. There is only a little voice in his mind talk with him "going to class, going to class".
Then lucky for him when he meet a teacher, he's not really change his English, but he make him love English. Therefore, something starts to change. He goes to the internet read and read so many articles about how to learn English. Every day he listen VOA, learn TOEIC, IELTS and some others material.
Poor he, his English is not really change quickly. Until a day, he joins a langmaster seminar about learning English by new method, because he hears about this method before. He thinks maybe it's good. Some langmaster coachers impress him. Now, he knows the way to use this method call Effortless English. He slowly makes Effortless English (EE) become a part of his life. Thank for langmaster and AJ teacher.
Three months later, he focuses on EE and follow rules from teacher AJ. He can listen to VOA easier. English music becomes more beautiful when he understand lyrics. He forgets TOEIC and IELTS goal. He makes plan to improve English right way and confidently.
What's amazing here? Named Effortless English is effective method with him. It focuses on listening with many lessons set. Each one has funny stories, vocabulary and supper powerful mini story. It includes seven rules to learning real English. AJ teach him how to learn English quickly, easily and automatically. The keys to success in learning are psychology and emotion. In addition, AJ teaches many wonder things for his life. Can you wait to try it?
This guy is me. Now I'm enjoying to learn English. I'm better English every day. Effortless English is what I want to share to you. It's more than a method, it's totally what you need to change your English, change your future. Contact me I will show you more.
Thank you for read this line. Bye!


  1. Sorry for my english. I am a student from south korea and going to listen to mini stories from AJ Hoge 2 hours a day. Can I ask you a question? This is a common question, but I am really curious about that. How many months does it take to listen to VOA easier? Thank you in advance.

  2. I still prefer's more fun, innovative and cheaper of course:)