Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time management and discipline are the things I should always care about.

It's exactly my problem now. With a few days left I must be done a lot of studies. I have a lot of work plus study technical and have to take 2 certifications by next week. HOW the hell can I arrange time to do all these things.

That is my issue right now, but what really make me in the bad emotion is what did I do when I'm having nothing happen at all? The risk when I waste my time to do something no value at all now become a big issue.

So now, I should come back to time management and discipline problem. I should careful about what I spend time for and should thinking next some steps in future.

Here is crazy list, I wanna memory it here;
1. Pluralsight: Building HTML5 and JS apps with MVVM and knockout JS
2. Knockout JS
3.Durandal JS
4 UT for JS: qunit
6. Sencha Tough JS
7. Get 2 Microsoft Certifications: 70-483, 70-484
8. Wordpress

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