Sunday, February 12, 2012

[English everyday] Cannot join in blog at home

Now, I am at home.
Maybe you feel it's funny, I can browse manager page of my blog, but I cannot browse view page. I am an IT man, I find it so many time in the internet and you see I haven't any solution.
I feel quite angrily, quite boring. Then I will come back to study English, I don't think about it again.

 Now, I think about how a person can use English. You can see, in a English country, a silly boy really can hear and talk English in correct. Why I am not? I really found some reasons, maybe I think it defend for my lazy :( Oh, some reasons like:
- I don't live in a English country. Almost people around me communication with Vietnamese.
- I am adult, my experience make me hard to study English. Sometime intelligent is not good :))
- English is difficult study language. Maybe, It have many exception in grammar. Too popular, I mean it's not standard, I hard to hear people in each other country talking with not pure English.
- Why English people are rapidly talking. If you try to compare talking speed with my country, you will see many differences. How I listen to, yes, how I am talking like this.
- The last think, training English is in my country so bad. Focus to grammar, I think it lose right way.
Oh, you can help me add more reasons, maybe I forgot them. But I don't this post to complain, it's an action I change myself in study English everyday.

Thank for free time to read it!

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