Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Changing project

A project similar to life... and you are developer.

If you only code, you do not re-factoring code by time, you will create a mess. If you grow up without study and change, you will come to bad guy.

Changing code will be rick, maybe some impact you cannot control, make it false on run-time, careful and make sure what you will change, maybe create a plan is safe and good. So, how can you change  you life, what you change and what impact to...? Maybe it make you afraid and worry. Make a plan is good choice again.

What happen with a big change? Nearly, I always meet it, our project in my company have a big change. So, plan is not enough, we need to study more, logging all step, create some tools. Make everything in control and safe. I have many experience from it. And I am prepare for my big change... you will see me careful change.

Thank for programming, thank for my project.

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