Saturday, January 7, 2012

Begin with Android

I love C family, I don't study VB or Java much. But today, I have a new choice
This is a challenge, I am very enjoyable.
I dream about a new mobile phone use Android 4.0 in this year. And I can write some application for it. OMG! some little games, some utilities what I want to use. Some ideas in my mind:
 - Store special date such as: birthday, dead day... with 2 type calendar.
 - A family annals application, helps me remember it. It can sync with my computer.

So, how can start to study. We need download some think and some guideline:

 - Download Java SDK:

 - Download JRE

 - Download Eclipse (Classic version recommended)

SDK and Eclipse don't need to install. You can unzip and config follow:

You need to know, and develop use Java Core language and android virtual machine call Dalvik to compile.
Your application will run on a simulator call AVD (Android Virtual Device) by use AVD Manager.

Show here is hello android application: will show you what is detail. I think the quick way to study is try make application follow videos.

Enjoy it!

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